If there is a popular sensation, or new trendsetting craze, ruminating in the social stratosphere, you can be certain there will be a re-mastered, and newly executed local perspective of that very brand packaged and distributed in an almost newly original format that only a Trinbagonian can reproduce. Introducing the Minor Beam. This is the name that managing director: Bjorn Graham attributes to the latest adendum of his developing musical catalog. The talented creative, arranged a team actors fully prepared to bring to life a local edition of an already globally popular EDM trio and highly celebrated MECCA- Major Lazer. He thought this would suit an original idea he conceptualized with the assistance of his right hand man and deputy director: JP Metivier (Johnny Darco) to manufacture a ‘carnivalised’ remix or ‘refix’ of Major Lazer’s worldwide super hit: ‘Lean On’ entitled, Wine On. The track entails all that precisely describes carnival, strongly insinuating that as Trinbagonians, we all need someone to wine on, in the greatest show on earth.