Formed in 2013 St. Benedict’s College Presents: The Gentlemen is the first official Drama Group of St. Benedict’s College. Led by Keegan Miguel, the Group Mission is to peruse theatre arts with passion and style. Since the creation of the group, there has been four incarnations: ‘The Gentlemen-The Originals, Act II, New Blood and The Gentlemen Junior. The group specializes in Acting and Dancing and has performed most recently with the Performing Arts Company, ARTSPIRE! The Current incarnation, New Blood, is a star group in their school with award worthy performances that moves audiences to tears. The Gentlemen hope to continue the trend of great performances and also to inspire others.10321571_406490019549839_8956916136407106408_o 11143300_406489109549930_172278853052641160_o 12002391_406494622882712_7376380733666479037_o 12017534_406495202882654_7351292284361933365_o 12030461_406492816216226_4454608144939023050_o 12031365_406495889549252_9134851912476328726_o 12032835_406494296216078_2504887403722481537_o