They’re young, they’re talented, and they’ve got a story to tell. A scintillating new chapter is taking form, and we want you to be the first to witness it. It is spearheaded by Terrance Williams, innovative photographer committed to pushing the boundaries of beauty & visual art, with Isaiah McClean working his magic as digital artist / lighting technician. Rumor has it that these two may be working on a film in the near future, but you didn’t hear it from us! On the Glam Squad, there’s curvy bombshell and Snapchat Queen Mekelia Miller,recently featured for her makeup artistry in the trendyUncovered television series. Anna Phillips, trailblazing fashion goddess behind the brand Design Is Me, only just launched her collection, and has already graced the pages of the Express. Rounding out the dream team as models will be the stellar actress Chanel Glasgow, alongside aspiring beauty blogger Lynda de la Mothe, the modelling writer Anastasia Tomkin, and other ambitious young professionals.



While the legendary mas connoisseur Brian MacFarlane made us all reminisce on the effortless elegance of the 1800’s with his presentation “Cazabon: The Art of Living”, this project shifts the lens to the rich imagination and resourcefulness of a rebellious working class that started the celebration we know and love. Let us take you back to the thriving undercurrent of an elitist society, prim and proper by day, colourful creatures by night. The split personality of our twin isle paradise, evident in the double entendre of calypso music, in conservative demeanor for most of the year giving way to wotless revelry during Carnival, and in the same vein, the project brewing aims to disturb and mesmerise.



What’s taking form is all about the up-and-comers, the visionaries, regular people like you and me with dreams of breaking onto the scene, of shattering the stereotype of who-you-know and who-knows-you. You’re just like us, you love art, you love fashion, makeup, photography, whatever shade of the kaleidoscope of human creativity, and this one is for you.




Terrance Williams: @terrancetheartist

Isaiah McClean: @lost.bvx

Kambe Lovelace: @kambelovelace

Mekelia Miller:@beautydreamsbymekelia

Anna Phillips: @design_isme @shopdesignisme

Chanel Glasgow: @chanichans

Lynda de la Mothe: @lynda_dlm

Anastasia Reesa Tomkin: @stasia_reesa