Sleepover / Slumber Party Activities

Sleepover / Slumber Party Activities

Photo credit : Eustace Dyer

Make fun matching t-shirts to remember the sleepover
Buy inexpensive t-shirts or tanks (you can also ask on the invitation for each girl bring one from home) and provide lots of fun iron on letters in different fonts for everyone to use.  It’s fun to come up with crazy sayings and make matching t-shirts to remember the party.  ** Make sure to wash and dry the t-shirts before guests arrive so the iron on’s will stick.



Decorate pillowcases
Use permanent markers (you are able to sleep on them that night) or fabric pens and have guests sign each others’ pillowcases during the slumber party.  Decorate and doodle to create a masterpiece. You’ll remember how much fun you had with your friends every time you go to sleep.


Photo credit : Eustace Dyer 02
Photo credit : Eustace Dyer

Decorate picture frames
with paints, foam stickers, jewels, pieces of feather boas, glitter, etc.  Take pictures of you and your friends at the sleepover and place them in the frame


Let everyone have a turn at singing.  Play American Idol and set up judges to vote on the best performance.


Photo credit : Eustace Dyer 03
Photo credit : Eustace Dyer


Talent Show
Everyone performs their best (or worst) talent.  Have judges and award small prizes.


Fashion Fashion Show
Dress up and give away small prizes for best walk, best pose, most attitude and best over all.

Photo credit : Eustace Dyer 05
Photo credit : Eustace Dyer

Dance, dance …. dance
Then play freeze dance.  Have someone turn down the volume and everyone must freeze and not laugh until the music starts again.  Whoever laughs has to turn down the volume next.


Buy some make-up and put it out somewhere. At the slumber party tell your friends to sit in a circle around it and grab what they like. Then draw numbers or roll a die and whoever is first gets to pick a partner and give then a make-under (make it look as funny as you can!)