Omar Jarra. Photography courtesy Shaun Rambaran

Seventeen year old Omar Jarra is about to take to the stage in his first major role as ‘Luke’ in JCS Entertainment’s production of the Altar Boyz. In a recent interview, Jarra – a past student of Asja Boys College, Charliville,  told TeenStyle Magazine that he fell into theatre by accident and how he has been pursuing it ever since.

Born in Maiduguri, Nigeria, to a Nigerian mother, Zainab Jarra and Gambian father, Medical Surgeon Ebrima Jarra, Omar grew up in the Gambia singing and dancing to the music of Michael Jackson, R Kelly and Usher that his brother used to blast  from his room.  Accompanying his father who moved to Trinidad for work, Omar left Gambia at age 5 with a fire to perform burning within him.  He tells us, “I always wanted to sing and perform but I was always too shy.”  In 2014 he finally built up enough courage  and responded to a casting call for Jesus Christ Superstar; a popular musical by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, without any idea what he was getting into.

Omar Jarra is Luke JCS Entertainment's Altar Boyz
Omar Jarra: Photo Courtesy JCS Entertainment

“I thought JCS was  auditioning for singers or something. I did not know what they were auditioning for so I came because I thought I could sing, or so I’ve been told. So I came and auditioned for it and I found out it was for a musical and I had to act and dance and all those other stuff and  that’s how I got into acting.” ~ Omar Jarra

Within the span of two years he has already been part of seven productions in theatre and film, but playing ‘Luke’, the bad boy of the Altar Boyz is his biggest role yet. When asked how  does he feel being in this major role, Omar said, “It’s challenging but fun.” He is confident and excited to channel all those Michael Jackson and Usher moves that he has been doing for years but admits that sometimes he is insecure about his acting. With the help of the director – Raymond Choo Kong however, he is learning how to let go and portray the vulnerability that his character needs.

We at TeenStyle magazine are really excited for you Omar, and look forward to seeing you perform on opening night.

Show dates for JCS Entertainment’s production of “The Altar Boyz” are scheduled for April 8-10, at the Central Bank Auditorium, with special School Shows scheduled for April 11-14. For more information and early ticket bookings please e-mail

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