“a conceptual project based on every woman’s journey of self knowledge and healing” -TIDAL

Beyoncé yet again stops the world. Last week ‘Queen Bey’ announced the premiere of “something new called LEMONADE.” Scheduled to air on HBO at 9 P.M April 23rd (last Sunday) LEMONADE came as a surprise to all the viewers and fans. Initially the project was said to be a new single, accompanied with a music video, but turn out as a visual hour-long album. The album touched on themes such as Christianity, community, family, peace, and black lives matter. The singer revealed truths of her marriage, as she openly addressed issues; which sparked rumors of infidelity. “You come home at 3 A.M and lie to me, what are you hiding?” lyrics from her poem Intuition. Beyoncé takes us along to an emotional journey, venturing deep into her personal life. LEMONADE, exclusively published on TIDAL features 12 songs, with help from The Weeknd, Jack White, Kendrick Lamar & James Blake.

giphy 09-beyonce-lemonade-stylist beyonce-lemonade-tracklist

The Queen is set to commence her Formation Tour this week, Wednesday 27th April. Her first show takes place in Florida.