“Life is a musical and the stage is my home.” So affirms eighteen year old singer, musician and aspiring musical director – Michael Hudlin; who, at a very young age is already quite an accomplished in the field.

Earning multiple trophies and awards at the T&T Music Festival; placing 1st in the Caribbean in CXC Music in 2014, and being awarded the Suraj Boodram Prize for Best Music Certificate Student at UWI St. Augustine in 2016, is no small feat. His pursuit of musical excellence and his passion for the craft is one which he accredits to his early experiences at Presentation College, San Fernando.

“My real awakening and appreciation for what I can do with music was with Pres Mixed Choir. What I experienced was great. I got to sing in an amazing choir, I got to be in an amazing musical, got to do a lead character with a solo.”

“I enjoyed being on stage and enjoyed people appreciating what I did.”

Michael Hudlin as the title character in Pres Mixed Choir's production of Ulysees | Photo credit: Denithy
Michael Hudlin as the title character in Pres Mixed Choir’s production of Ulysees | Photo credit: Denithy

In an interview with Teen Style Magazine, Michael also shared with us his love for composing and arranging music. In fact, on Saturday 22nd October 2016 he will be premiering some of his original compositions at Chandelier Productions‘ ‘A Breath of Fresh Air.

Intrigued, we asked about his inspiration for these new compositions and he shared with us the various life moments which he drew from. Of one piece in particular; ‘Be Still and Know that I Am God’ he revealed,

“I was going through a dark period [in my life] and I knew I needed to tell myself that everything is going to be ok. The music itself came from how I was feeling. [The song] was a kind of acceptance of what was happening, and the fact that I need to recognize that I am not in control of everything and I need to get over it.”

That piece later won Michael the Adjudicators’ Awards for Best Composition in the T&T Music Festival earlier this year.

In addition to his original work, ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ will also feature Hudlin’s refreshing new arrangements of popular pieces across multiple genres, including Classical, Broadway and Calypso; several which will be brought to life by the UWI Arts Chorale under the instruction of Jessel Murray, and will also feature stellar solo performances by Arianna Rodas Laing, who recently completed her run as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar; Rondell Mungal, Anikha Ballah; Tevin Gall and many more.

Arianna Rodas Liang as Mary Magdalene in JCS Entertainment's Jesus Christ Superstar | Photo credit: Revolution Photography
Arianna Rodas Liang as Mary Magdalene in JCS Entertainment’s Jesus Christ Superstar | Photo credit: Revolution Photography

When asked what he hopes his compositions will achieve, Michael said,

“I want people to feel what I felt [while composing] but I know that as the composer I will have a different connection with the music than everyone else. So I want people to find in the music, something that speaks to them. I want something even if it is one line, one melody, one sentence to just resonate.”

A Breath of Fresh Air‘ will play for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Saturday 22nd October, 7pm at the Southern Academy of the Performing Arts. Admission: $150

CLICK HERE to RSVP of book tickets and for more information, go to, email:  or call (868) 710-9436.