The 21 year old Canadian Pop-Singer is scheduled to set off the 2016 Grammy Awards. Bieber-Fever surrounds the atmosphere once more, after the release of his new album PURPOSE in 2015. His hit song Sorry is currently no. 1 on The Billboard Top 100 Songs; dethroning Adele’s Hello, placing her at no. 2. Love Yourself, also from the PURPOSE album is at sitting comfortably at the no. 3 position, What do You Mean at no. 10 and I’ll Show You at no. 67. After a 3 year break, the singer has grown more popular by the minutes, earning more fans on social media, 55M INSTAGRAM followers and counting; ranging from young to old, from school girls to delinquent boys on block, nowadays every other passing vehicle could be heard  playing songs of either his recent or previous projects.