Over the course of some weeks, rapper Jimmy October has been promoting a project called “Something To Believe In”. With a series of hashtags joined by imagery of him and crew members, sporting official apparel of the campaign, as seen in the image below. Nathan (Left) Jay Nahge (Middle) Jimmy October (Right)


Indeed “Mr. October” (as he called himself in his debut song ‘GO$$!P‘) is not alone. He; co-founder of the OverDose collective music group and colleague: Jay Nahge, accompanies the movement. We asked the 21 year old rapper a series of questions, he followed with witty responds, in a charismatic fashion, all leading up to his #dope personality. Read the interview below and find out where you can copp official merchandise to support the movement!

Tell us …  How did the campaign #SomethingToBelieveIn come about?

“I penned this song called ‘The OverDose Anthem’ a couple years ago and there was this line ‘The people need something to believe in’ – so I got the whole crowd screaming. I never released the song but I performed it once at this spot and I just felt like people connected to those words just as much as I connected with it when I wrote it. That meant something to me – It meant that I had to take it further now. I don’t just want people to see me chasing my dreams and think about how passionate I am. I want them to tap into that passion within themselves and chase their dreams just the same. We all got something to believe in. I’m just doing my part. Something To Believe In is a movement. The music is just a part of it.” Says Jimmy October, he went on to also say –

“Last year when we were thinking about how we wanted to give music to our supporters in 2016, we first thought about doing separate projects obviously, but we felt like it might be even doper if we just get one producer and hop into the studio for a couple weeks and record whatever felt right. The recording process took a few weeks, the mixing and mastering process after and then we can focus on how we choose to actually give it to the people. I’ve never done an original body of work and put it out and since Nahge has been with OD he hasn’t either, so its definitely needed.”

So when can we hear a new record from Jimmy October?
“I know people may think you know ‘Jimmy you’re just an upcoming artist and you’re supposed to be putting out as much songs as possible’ and whatever but you know for me now It’s not about putting out a million songs just because. Its about ensuring that when I put a song out there it’s what I want it to be and my supporters can value that. Some might say I took time away from music already but I didn’t. I took time to grow, I took time away to create music. You know. I took time away to be sad and happy and all that so that I can talk about it in these songs that you’re gonna get to hear.”
“I’ve been teasing on social media that I’m going to release a new song. Got this song with Jay Nahge called “Tag Em Up” where we’re more or less going back and forth on some fun, braggadocios type thing – Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.”
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