Inzey and dopeskisdaband says an Ep is in the works, scheduled for launch in late August, dopeskisda ep will the first for the band. Currently the band is behind the closed doors of their recording studio. No official releases have been made from dopeskisda ep. Inzey is set for a solo performance at The 2016 Tobago Jazz Festival, with an opening for J Cole. Inzey rejoins dopeskisdaband to host their showcase in New York City, which takes place in May.

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Busy, busy for the boy wonder Inzey: whom recently started a company called Str868 Studios with co-founder Rheon Elbourne. Inzey says the company is open to creative individuals within the realm of media; covering all forms, even advertisements. The 24 year old and co-founder plays wish makers, as they encourage individuals to present creative ideas to Str868 Studios and they would make it happen.

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