“I believe, that a person who after his death is long remembered of his wit, talent and profound knowledge of the world and his contribution to the good of society is to me, real Success!”

 When did you first fall in love with djing?
At the age of 12 I fell in love with djing. At 13 years of age I did The Deejay course at IBC (Institute of Broadcasting Careers) and got my Certificate in Dj Science.

When was your first time on air?

At the age of 14 I won Next 99.1fm Dj Competition and played on Air For year to be exact. At age 15 I then moved to the #1 station Boom Champions 94.1fm. I felt successful and I am just so thankful to be the youngest most versatile dj on radio in Trinidad and Tobago.

How far do you wish to take your profession?

I wish to dj as long as I live.

Tell us, How are you treated at school?

I am treated fairly among the teachers/students in school and I get full support from them towards being a Dj.

What advice would you give to someone pursuing the same path?

I would like to say to those who are upcoming djs just like myself, dream big, stay humble, don’t get carried away or let anybody tell you can’t do something or you can’t be successful, just do what you love and remember to always say your prayers because anything is possible with God in your life!

Would worldly fame change you, being young?

I personally don’t think it would change me in a negative way because at such a young age I was taught to stay humble and just do good by my parents/family and if I was to change, it would have to be in a more positive way.

What inspires you Gio?

Seeing other youth’s doing positive stuff out here inspires me to push harder and become better at what I do. I look up to Dj Jazzy Jeff, Assassin Singh, Dj Tech, Dj Z Roc, Dj Watty and Dj Private Ryan.

Would you start producing EDM at any point?

Yea I would start producing EDM because I am versatile and I already started production at age 16 so yeah definitely!

What message you would like to heard?

My message that I would like to be heard …
It’s very sad that If a child that’s doing something positive and not studying to rob and kill people and as a older generation all we can show him/her is that his appearance is more important than the positive path he/she has chosen, however I’m also thankful because this is a lesson taught to the youth at a young age. That lesson is that there is no boundaries or levels of ignorance and negativity no matter how young or old you are. You just got to push hard no matter how hard it may be believe in you because apparently the generation that you are supposed to be looking up to, has nothing to teach you or any example to show for you to follow and this I personally want it to be heard.