As of late Camila Cabello has been working alongside Shawn Mendes on a solo project. Last week Fifth Harmony attended Britney Spear’s Pieces Of Me show in Las Vegas with Camila Cabello absent, of coarse speculations were made. The 19 year old posted an image of her and Diplo to her Instagram and received a comment which forced her to address it.

Camila also addressed her relationship with Shawn Mendes; stating that they are BFFs. The comment certainly won’t prevent people from speculating, as their tweets to each other comes off as flirtatious. The singer also says having projects outside of Fifth Harmony doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going solo. Camila is currently back to recording hits with 5H.

One fan tweeted the true meaning of music and how it’s all about self-discovery. As a growing artist, Camila is allowed to explore other outlets and she doesn’t need to be shamed for doing so. And, as a reminder, she’s allowed to have a life outside of the group. Camila proceeded to retweet the fan’s post. Be on the look out, there might just be a Camila Cabello, Diplo Collab.