This talented musician is anything but ordinary! From his Bohemian swag, to his smooth vocals he is on his way to becoming the face of indie music in Trinidad.  So being a big indie fan myself I decided to conduct an interview with him.

  1. So Jhonn who is your favorite singer?
    “I wouldn’t say I have a favorite singer. A lot of different singers inspire me… Both mainstream and underground. Just a few would be people like maxwell, Damien Marley, Frank Sinatra, Allen Stone.”

  2. What is your inspiration for writing?
    After hearing his new single “Her smile” which was the bomb by the way, I needed to find out what makes him tick in such a way to inspire him to write such amazing music! So i asked… and his response, “My inspiration for writing deals with feeling, whether it be feelings of positivity, sadness, happiness or love. Composing music gives me the ability to invoke a feeling within myself and within the listeners, and that is a beautiful thing.”
  3. How would you describe your music?
    “My music is a mixture of indie rock, reggae, and calypso flavours”
  4. What inspired you to start singing?
    So during the interview Jhonn gave us a short performance of his single ‘Her smile’ and you could see the passion he had for singing and not to mention the feelings that he performed the song with! So i just had to ask this question! his response, “I always loved the art of singing but never knew I would be doing it myself. I started singing in my first band Kuno because we were lacking players and I figured I would pick up the slack by playing guitar and doing vocals. It felt weird at first but I soon fell in love with it.”
  5. If you can do a collaboration with any artiste you want who will it be?
    The one and only… “Damien Marley”

     So that concludes my interview with Jhonn, If you don’t believe that he is an amazing artiste go check out his music for yourself! Trust me it’s worth it!