This is what Maggie Banning from Hook looks like these days. The lyrics to Hey Arnold‘s iconic song “I Saw Your Face (And WOW!)” have never seemed more appropriate. How beautiful is she?!



Alexa PenaVega

Miramax Films/Instagram
Miramax Films/Instagram

The star of the Spy Kids series grew up and is slammin’. She starred as KillJoy in Machete Kills and pretty much blew everyone’s minds with how much she’s grown. She’s done a really good job growing up.

Nicola Peltz

Paramount Pictures/Twitter

The awkward-looking girl from The Last Airbender turned into a hottie in a major way. Who didn’t drool at the sight of Bradley on Bates Motel? Most of the characters on the show drooled over her too. Work it, Nicola!

Jonathan Lipnicki

Columbia Pictures/Facebook

The little boy from Jerry Maguire is fit as can be nowadays, and we just can’t believe how hot he became. How much do you want him to show you the money {shot}? We never saw it coming all those times we watched Stuart Little.

Josh Peck


If someone had told us years ago that the boy from Snow Day and Drake & Joshwould make us swoon really hard, we’d be like, “yeah, sure, buddy.” Just look at him though! He is a handsome devil, is he not?

Tania Raymonde

FOX/IMDB/Andrew Jefferis

Her days on Malcolm in the Middle did not prepare us for how truly stunning Tania Raymonde is these days. She wowed us as Alex Rousseau on Lost and seems to just continue to get better with age.

Matthew Lewis

Warner Bros/WENN

The crush we’ve always had on Neville Longbottom has never needed justification. Now that Matthew Lewis has grown into his looks (and what mighty fine looks they are), there’s no justification needed. Where can we get some amortentia to use on him?

Daniel Curtis Lee


Cookie from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide looks deeee-licious these days, doesn’t he?

Alyson Stoner

20th Century Fox Film via Everett Collection/Getty Images

The Cheaper by the Dozen star who you grew up with as Sally on the Disney Channel’s Mike’s Super Short Show turned out to be a head-to-toe stunner. In 2015, she released a video to remind everyone that 1. the little girl from Missy Elliott‘s videos still got moves, and 2. that she’s a certified hottie.

Paramount Pictures via Everett Collection/WENN

Michelle Trachtenberg

We all really need to bow down to Trachtenberg. From Buffy the Vampire Slayerand Harriet the Spy as a little girl to Gossip Girl as Queen Georgina ruling the world, we’ve watched Trachtenberg grow up into the beautiful woman she is today.

Alex D. Linz

Buena Vista Pictures/Twitter

Linz, who starred in Home Alone 3 and, more importantly, Max Keeble’s Big Movehas made some big changes in the course of growing older. Now, he’s so cute!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


As you binge-watch 3rd Rock From the Sun on Netflix, you’re no doubt basking in the joy of seeing glorified mega hottie Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his awkward (but still damn cute) long-haired days. JG-L, perfect from day one.

Nicholas Hoult

Universal Pictures/Facebook

The awkward and kind of chubby Mystikal-loving child from About a Boy made everyone fall in love with him as Tony Stonem on Skins, but then he continued to prove how grown up and sexy he is with roles in A Single Man and Warm Bodies. In fact, he’s such a hottie that he landed one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Jennifer Lawrence.